Saturday, March 11, 2017

Building The WFS Part 3

(Originally published on the Micro Model Railroad Cartel Blog) 

Laying Track

The photos below show how the track was laid.  I am using Atlas code 100 track on this micro.  I used wood glue since it is resistant to water/alcohol after it has dried.  It has a fairly strong bond but is not too hard to pry up if you accidently glue a piece of track that is not supposed to be glued down.  A nice feature of foam core board is you can use push pins to hold everything down while the glue dries.  I was careful not to get any glue under the removable track sections.  After the glue had dried, I glued individual plastic railroad ties under the rail sections where gaps were present.  Everything is staying put, even with extreme humidity changes.   
29  30
31  32
33  34

Up next:  video on how I wired the layout